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Santa's Village Santa Claus

Over the years Santa's Village has had many a gentleman stand in for the Jolly Old Elf.

Santa Claus arrived at Santa's Village on Memorial Day 1959.

Santa Jim  

Santa Jim (1959-1961)

The original Santa of Santa’s Village Theme Park, Dundee, Illinois. Santa Jim was there on opening day in 1959 until his departure at the close of the 1961 season. He served three seasons as Kris Kringle.

Santa Eric 

Santa Eric (1962-1965)

The 1962 season saw Santa Eric assume the title role. He spent four years in the red suit.  Santa Eric starred in three one reel movies shot by K. Gordon Murray Productions.  

Santa Don 

Santa Don (1966-1979)

Taking over from Santa Eric at the beginning of the 1966 season, Santa Don served fourteen years as the park’s namesake. Leaving the park in 1979, Santa Don returned only once to the park (a one day event) as Santa to help celebrate the park’s 35th anniversary in 1994.  

Santa Alan 

Santa Alan (1980-1983)

Santa Alan's four years at the park is the third longest along with Santa Eric. 

Santa Tom (1984)

Santa Tom played the character for one season before he became the Park's public relations director in 1985. Tom stayed with the Park until 1988.


Santa (1985-1986)

Santa from 1985-1986 was supplied by Instant Photo Corporation of America. Numerous gentlemen played the part during those two years including Santa Phil. (See below) 

Santa Harold and Santa Greg (1987-1988)

Santa Harold and Santa Greg split the role for two seasons.

Santa Phil  

Santa Phil (1986, 1989-1996 and 2003-2006)

          The last fulltime St. Nick, Santa Phil has an 20 year association with Santa's Village. Along with his duties as the Jolly Old Elf, Santa Phil is also the Park's official historian. 

Other Santas


Numerous gentlemen played Santa Claus.

2001-2003  Santa Jeff and Santa Karl

Santa Jeff played the main Santa in 2002. Santa Karl worked a relief role.



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