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Santa's Village Contributors

If you have any souvenirs, pictures or stories to contribute, you
can email us. AT

This part of Santa's Village memories are always going to have new names added to it as people like you send us their photos of the Christmas theme parks. You can take photos of the Santa's Village items you've collected and email them to us. Go to the closet and dig out those old family photos from when you visited Santa's Village ... even better, if you have home movies of Santa's Village, we'd really love to have a copy for publication.

Maybe you don't have any photos, but you remember what it was like when you visited Santa's Village ... sit down and write about your memories, email it to us, and we'll add your memories to our web site too!

Do you own one of the rides from the old Santa's Village theme park or some of the props? We want to know where are they now?

Our Santa's Village Contributors

Bobbie Grennier -
Responsible for most of this web site and writing about some of the history of the parks.

Mat Lindstedt -
Donated the domain name and contributed Santa's Village Scotts Valley documents.

Santa Phil Wenz -
He's the Santa at the Dundee Santa's Village and help us with historical documents.

Craig Polson -
Owns the bobsled ride from the Scotts Valley park and has contributed video, photos and documents.

Glory Anne Laffey and Marion Dale Pokriots -
Historical information on the property of Scotts Valley Santa's Village




Sponors of Santa's Village:

Christmas Kids - a delightful website full of historical information about Christmas.


Santa's Village Gingerbread House